We may be gross, but we keep it clean

We don’t muck’ around when it comes to ensuring the safest, easiest use of our games and applications. We stick (like pickles on a window) to a set of principles and here’s the down and dirty on them.


We have respect

We respect all our gamers, and work day and night to deliver the most fun games for them to enjoy. We’ll never sacrifice game quality for any other short-term considerations.

Rotten Egg
Dodgey Donut


We're honest and upfront

We want you to be in total control of your complete gaming experience. That means that before you or your child download our games, you’ll be given upfront information about the game’s content. Making it totally clear when you’re about to make any in-game purchases.


We're always here to help

If you or your child ever have any problems with our games, you should be able to quickly find out how to fix it. That means helping you contact the right company for your issue, whether it’s