Ever wanted to see THE Gang come to life right in front of your eyes?

We have been able to make this life long dream a reality, due to the latest and greatest in Augmented Reality technology. Augmented reality takes elements of every day life (seen through a camera lens or sound source), and inserts graphical elements and animations in the middle of it – which you’re then able to play around and interact with in real time. Now you can take any boring surface in your house, and put the Gross Grosseries, and the Sticky, Smelly Yucky Mart right in the middle of it… You won’t even have to clean up the mess afterwards!

Fly potato

The Grossery Gang has never been so alive!

Cruddy Crunch

Cruddy Crunch was developed keeping this leading edge technology in mind, just find the Slimy Surveillance camera within the Yucky Mart, and click on it to start the game.rnrnYour device’s camera will turn on, and like magic – piles of garbage will start appearing through the camera right in front of your eyes. When the game starts, you have to whack each of the Pesky Grosseries back into the ground when they pop up by tapping on the phone with your finger. They progressively get faster as the time runs out, so be quick!

show your friends, use it on the bus on the way to school, or just anywhere when boredom strikes!

These augmented reality apps provide longer lasting fun for kids, as they have an unlimited amount of flat surfaces to turn into a Putrid Playground for the Gang. It brings the current digital world, and catapults it into a child’s immediate reality. These sorts of apps are great for the imagination, and help develop hand eye co-ordination in kids of all ages. It’s a truly unique gaming experience.

Fly bad soy

These sorts of augmented reality games are different to Virtual Reality, where you are put into an entirely artificial environment, as it relies on the input of what’s actually in front of you in the real world. There are also not many 3D games for kids currently in the app store, not to mention we’re giving the app away absolutely free of charge! It’s crammed with as many extras as we could think of, including plenty more of the filthiest, festering games imaginable. Download it today on the App Store or Google Play for your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking technology.