The grossery game - high tech and horrifically rancid

The Grossery Game is one of a kind 3D world, featuring the very latest AR technology! Kids can fully immerse themselves into the intense gaming action in real time, using their natural surroundings whilst using the app. This is a groundbreaking development for the gaming industry, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Not to mention its one of our FULLY free kids apps! We’ve tried to jam pack it with extras so there’s always more fun to be had.

Putrid Pizza

Cruddy Crunch AR Game App

Cruddy Crunch is one of the first apps for children to fully adapt to this AR software. Allowing kids to whack their favourite Grossery Gang characters from the Yucky Mart – appearing like magic before their own eyes through the screen. This type of software means we’re able to produce games with a higher level of interactivity and exercise, rather than the normal method of gameplay where you’re merely sitting down and pushing a few buttons. They will be hiding in garbage of all kinds, so you will have to be quick if you want to defeat them! Tap them with your finger as they appear to win the game. But be careful, as they can be sly and sneaky at times.


Mucky Maze

Race the clock with the grottiest puzzle of them all, ‘Mucky Maze’. Navigate through a maze with the youngest, roundest and most cracked of the Gang (Egghead), collecting as many cruddy coins as you can along the way. But players beware, don’t get too precious over the cruddy coins, or you’ll run out of time! Only the speediest will make it through the treacherous, garage filled levels in one of the best apps for kids. Make sure you don’t run into a dead end, otherwise it’s game over quick-smart! You will be rolling through banana peels, bin juice, empty cans, mouldy cheese and much more. Each level gets slightly harder in difficulty. Only the best will last. (Don’t try this at home)


Goo Shoot

if you love this app, chances are you’re into all things icky, sticky and smelly. And if you’d prefer to keep it that way, then you’d better help Doc Broc and the gang out! The slimy, soapy bubbles from the mop bucket are trying to clean up the Yucky Mart! Fire as much Goo as you can at the bubbles to make sure the Yucky Mart stays true to its name. Use your finger to control Doc Broc, by catapulting Sludgie goo at your bubbly opponents. Save the Yucky Mart so it can survive one more grotty, stinky day.

Fly Shoccoli

Sludgie Slurp

Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop, the Sludgie Slurp has lost the plot! Help the gang catch all the leaky drops coming out from the Sludgiest, Mouldiest, stinkiest slurpie machine in the Yucky Mart. How many drops can you catch without missing out? Only one way to find out! Control the characters using your fingers to drag them across the screen, ensuring their mouths catch every droplet the machine has leaked out. Also, try tapping the screen to move the characters as an extra speedy technique. Listen closely as the music changes every droplet you collect.


Maggot Mash

Ever wondered what happens when you leave your leftovers sitting in the microwave when you go away on holidays? Festering, filthy, creepy and crawly things multiply, leaving you with an infestation that needs extermination! Help the gang eliminate the creepy crawlies by tapping them with you finger, but be quick… They multiply faster the more time you play, making this one of the best kids apps buzzing around the app store! Maggots and Flies are the enemies in this game, and if they get too close you will lose the game. Be particularly careful of those pesky flies that might catch you unawares. Keep a keen eye out for the bonus cockroaches that appear at random. If you find them they will give you extra lives to play longer and get a higher score.


Grossemoji Keyboard

Lets not forget the one and only, Grossemoji! We have compiled some of the favourites from the Grimy Grossery Gang for you to text to all your friends (or foes)! We have thrown in a couple of Limited edition characters, and we’re giving away a fresh – never before seen set of characters to celebrate Christmas! Grab it in the app store now for just $1.00 and share the grossness with your friends!


Smelly Stash

Lucky for you, we’ve made a place for you to store all of the pesky Grossery Gang characters you unlock during the game in the ‘Smelly Stash’. Who in your friends can collect the most out of the Gang? Can you collect them all?  After you’ve found them, try out the Gang’s Sandbox. You can move them around, flick them with your fingers or shake em’. This is where you get the chance to show them off to all your mates!


Media Mulcher

If you’re in the mood for a hands off, more relaxing experience then we’ve got the perfect thing for you. We have created the Media Mulcher. In the Media Mulcher you can watch your favourite grotty hero’s in webisodes, exclusive clips, photos, other game footage and much more! This will be updated regularly so you can always see what the gang has been getting up to.rnrnThe Grossery Game application will be a classic for kids of all ages, and the fun is sure to last. You earn new characters as you play along through the game. The more you play, the more characters you unlock, if you’re lucky you might get one of our rarer specimens. And we’re so proud of this game, we want to let the world experience it, absolutely free! Technology is always evolving, so this is a taste of what’s to come in future from the best gross gang around.rnrnSo what are you all waiting for? Download it today and don’t forget to tell your friends. The Grossery Gang is here like never before! It’s available now in the App Store or Google Play for Android and iPhone.