Kids apps have never been so Gross!

One of the most disgusting, jam-packed, AR enabled free kids apps EVER to hit the app store. Explore the fungus covered floor and vile aisles of the ultimate ‘inconvenience store.’ Available on iPhone and Android in the ap store, along with some other cool game apps from the Gang.

One of the best augmented reality apps for putrid smelly kids!

GG is the world first in 3d games for kids, using the latest, greatest technology available to create augmented reality apps. It has been created by a team specialising in AR games, and is sure to be one of the best game apps to hit the stores this holiday season!

Fly Shoccoli

Download this year's best free kids app now!


Grossery Gangs first emoji keyboard!

Open the app and you will find Maggots, Splats, Goop and Stinky Gunk – not to mention some of your favourite putrid characters from the Yucky Mart! Download now to get the latest in emoji apps and totally gross out!

Cruddy Crunch

Cruddy crunch is the first of our augmented reality games / kids apps!

Find and tap the sloppy security camera, place your device on a flat surface and you take control. Keep a watchful eye over the grossed out floors of the Yucky Mart in this cool game app for children. Watch out for the Grossery Gang to pop out from the pile of garbage. Not on your watch! Crush them back down with your finger in this cool AR kids app. The more you crush, the more you score! One of the best Free Games Apps of 2017

Mucky Maze

Will you be the fastest through the mysterious mucky maze?

One of the grossest games for kids! Slip and slide your way through the twisting, turning muckiness, of the Mucky Maze, and on to glory as Yucky Mart champion! Find and tap on the tray next to the coffee machine to enter the Mucky Maze. Full of cruddy coins, the Mucky Maze puts your speed and greed to the test. Go for speed or go for coins, the choice is yours, but remember collecting coins may slow you down and only the fastest make it to the next level. Now go get mucky! Get it now, free for iPhone & Android on the app store.

Maggot Mash

Can you save the moudly microwave from the mucky maggots?

The microwave’s been overrun by millions of maggots! Your challenge? Squish, squash and mash the squirmy scum before they turn into filthy files in one of our most PUTRID games for kids. If they do sprout wings, make sure you squish them into mucky mush before they fly into the screen… or it’s game over. Get it now, free for iPhone & Android on the app store.

Sludgie Slurp

Catch the slimy drips from icky sticky slushie machine

Games for kids couldn’t possibly get any more yukky! The slippery, slimy slushie machine is on the fritz again, dripping droopy ooze all over the Yucky Mart. But the gang on the case! Tap on the slushie machine and line the gang up under the dripping nozzles. Every time they drip, tap their tummies to open their mouths. Say ‘AHH’! How many drips can you catch? Get it now, free for iPhone & Android on the app store.

Goo Shoot

Pop the bubbly balls of bursting gas before they fill the yucky mart!

The stinky, steamy bucket is spewing smelly bubbles all over the Yucky Mart, and it’s up to you to burst its bubble. In one of our more challenging games apps for children you burst the bubble. Pull back on the rubber band and fire a ball of gooey slime at the bubbles before they get too high. The more you pop, the bigger the prize. But hurry, there’s not much time! ‘Pee-ewe’. Get it now, free for iPhone & Android on the app store.